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Many people are still afraid to borrow. This is not surprising, since very often in the media there is information about people who have been deceived and must pay off colossal debts.

In many cases, ignorance is to blame. To prevent such situations, loan companies decide to introduce educational platforms. So far, Lite Lender and Across Lender have decided to take this step, but if this project works, then perhaps other non-bank institutions will be interested in it. 

Loan companies are open to the needs of clients

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Educational platforms are intended to increase the knowledge of potential borrowers about finances. Importantly, this is not just about the process of taking payday pay. Educational platforms are designed to bring potential customers to the very process of applying for a loan.

They allow you to learn how to withdraw from a loan agreement and also when not to take a loan or payday loan. It’s not just about dealing with crisis situations, but also about preventing them. To build a long-term relationship with the client, it is necessary that his financial capabilities allow him to use the services of loan companies.

This can only happen if his budget is not overburdened. While loan companies are well prepared to cooperate, the client very often has to acquire knowledge about the use of payday loans.

This condition persisted until recently. Currently, projects are starting to appear to educate future borrowers. Thanks to this, they will have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision on a quick loan.

Borrow responsibly with Across Lender

Borrow responsibly with General Bank

Educational platforms consist of several elements. The main one is usually a guide. In the case of the “Borrow responsibly with Across Lender” platform, the guide consists of three parts. The first one contains a compendium of knowledge on responsible lending.

It indicates how to reasonably use the services of a loan company without the risk of falling into a spiral of debt. The second part of the guide is devoted to managing your home budget. It lets you learn how to plan your expenses, where to look for savings, how to build a financial cushion.

The last part of the guide deals with forward-thinking. It teaches the use of financial technology, shows how to use increasingly popular online methods. Using non-bank loans is a good training preparation for finding solutions on the web.

The guide is the first part of the Across Lender educational platform, the next parts are in preparation. As declared by the non-banking company, the next editions as well as cyclical educational activities are to appear soon.

Capital – Lite Lender educational platform

The platform operating under the Wongi brand is more extensive. The platform includes the Knowledge Zone, where there are guide texts.

There you can also find courses that cover many areas. It is about the basics of saving and preparing for potential investments. There are advice on how to get out of debt and what to do if debt collection or enforcement proceedings are initiated. The issue of planning your home budget returns, as well as avoiding financial errors. There are also topics about saving for future retirement.

Of course, the loan company’s clients will be able to learn as much as possible about the reasonable use of non-bank institutions. The issues of responsible lending and how to deal with the rejection of a loan application or repayment of the payday loan are clarified. Like Across Lender, Lite Lender teaches you to use the internet to manage your finances. Tests that summarize the course will help test the client’s knowledge of borrowing.

The project concerns not only non-bank loans

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By introducing educational platforms, non-bank institutions show that it is worth calculating and finding out as much as possible before we take out a loan online. It follows that they care about building longer relationships with their clients and actually care about their well-being.

Educational platforms usually combine with loyalty programs and benefits for regular customers. They usually include attractive interest rates on subsequent payday loans. Sometimes, there are also contest offers about which program users are informed via e-mail or SMS.

The fact that these programs not only raise the issue of the use of payday loans, is also not without significance. Platforms teach you how to look for savings in your home budget and plan expenses. They show that an online loan is one of many solutions. It follows that non-bank companies are not focused solely on persuading the client to take advantage of their offer. It is also important that using the offer, he maintains a stable financial situation and makes his decisions in a thoughtful manner.

The multitude of issues also indicates that many factors affect the overall state of our finances.
Educational platforms are undoubtedly a very interesting solution. They not only allow you to enrich your knowledge, but they also allow you to get new information. They also show how many elements affect our financial liquidity. Every client of a loan company must know that before he takes a payday loan, he should carefully analyze his options and financial situation. Current rankings of payday loans will help you decide.

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